Saturday, September 23, 2006

birthday night out on Frenchman

Veda arriving at her surprise bday party, (arranged by her husband), that she almost didn't show up for! Also, since its my and Nasia's birthday too, (she's coming in behind Veda in the picture), and Audrey's on the day after, we all enjoyed the party as if it were our own. Lots of creative, intense people who do not follow a "normal" path in life born on this day, along with Ray Charles, John Coltrane, and New Orleans creatives like Earl Turbinton and Alison Miner .

on our way in to hear John Boutte at dba on our birthday.

Audrey, Dar, Veda and Nasia- birthdays on September 23 for D,V,N and September 24 for A-note the large amount of money Veda has gathered in the New Orleans birthday tradition (pinned -or stapled in this case- on our shirts by well wishers)- beat us all out by a bunch!

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Jen O'Donnell said...

Fabulous tie-dye, Dar.
-- Anna Wintour