Friday, September 15, 2006


Distilled from the Sublime Nectar of the 37 Bodhisattva Practices
Based on the text by Ngulchu Thogma Zangpo

Hear, ponder & meditate on Dharma.
Give up attachment, aversion & ignorance.
Seek solitude.
Abandon attachment to this life.
Abandon harmful companions.
Cherish spiritual friends.
Take refuge in Buddha, Dharma & Sangha.
Do no negative deeds.
Strive for liberation.
Generate bodhicitta.
Exchange self for others.
Give freely to those who covet & steal from you.
When persecuted, take all fault as your own.
Think & speak lovingly of your slanderers.
Perceive as spiritual friends those who expose your faults.
Cherish those who see you as an enemy.
Honor those who show you contempt.
Without discouragement, take all suffering as your own.
Be unconceited though blessed with worldly fortune.
Subdue your mind with love & compassion.
Immediately abandon attachment to sense pleasures.
Free your mind of subject-object duality.
Seeing pleasing sense objects as unreal, abandon clinging attachment.
View disagreeable circumstances as illusory.
Be generous, selflessly.
Guard ethics regardless of worldly results.
Cultivate patience devoid of hostility.
Be diligent to benefit all.
Cultivate meditative concentration.
Cultivate wisdom.
Examine & abandon your own errors.
Do not speak of others’ faults.
Abandon attachment to gain & respect.
Abandon harsh speech.
With mindfulness, immediately destroy disturbing emotions.
Constantly maintain mindfulness & awareness.
Dedicate all virtue to others.

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