Monday, October 09, 2006

Bayou/Hagan Avenue Neighborhood Association

N. Broad Street to Bayou St. John. Orleans Avenue to Lafitte Avenue.

Our neighborhood is one that people visit for po-boys, relax on the water’s edge, get a car repaired or drop off mail. We have many popular sites (Parkway Bakery, Animal Eye Hospital, R&S Auto repair, nearby post office, 24- hour convenience store) within our boundaries, but are often forgotten when resources are doled out.

We run the gamut: beautiful vista of city bayou sites, dog walkers, fishers and relaxing couples (on Bayou St. John) to hardcore urban street scenes (N. Broad), and from major road traffic (Orleans Avenue) to back roads (Lafitte).

This is why we have banded together to find strength in numbers. We have many of the same problems facing other neighborhoods, and some unique issues of our own. With new developments bringing in new neighbors, it is time to find our own voice. With the shuttering of Lindy Boggs Hospital, our neighborhood is further at risk.

We ask that our city put us on the map, literally and figuratively. We ask that city services extend to this area that feeds the stomach, fixes the cars and soothes the soul on moonlit evenings on Bayou St. John. We ask for your ear to learn our issues and to help us find solutions.

Please think of the Bayou/Hagan Avenue neighborhood as part of the future.

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