Friday, October 27, 2006

from October 27th T-P; Iris Krewe shows Uptown stupidity

"We will do anything not to go out there," Iris Krewe Captain Joy Oswald said of the Mid-City route. "All my members are calling me very upset. They bring all their children up, and they don't want them in that area. Their families will not go into that area. The area is dilapidated. It hasn't come back at all."


Spicer said...

While the inanity of the referenced passage appears obvious, I find myself yearning to read more. Somehow, probably due to my own gross ignorance, I feel that I am missing something with this new blog. Am I only getting half of the story or am I truly inept? Any help with its navigation would be greatly appreciated. After all, I live in the desert, and you know what they say about desert people.

S.Burton Sun

p.s. I'm going to run into a heap more trouble when I try to post this comment. Please, somebody, assist my efforts into the 21st century.

darnola said...

so, for those folks who are not used to the Byzantine world of Carnival, the deal here is that this Krewe of Iris was being asked to move their parade route to MidCity to bring back Mardi Gras to other parts of the city. Endymion is a HUGE parade that has traditionally paraded through MidCity, but was asked last year (and the year before because of the construction of the new streetcar line on Canal) to move to St. Charles Avenue. Endymion would like to come back to its old route in MidCity, and the police department asked 2 other krewes (individual parade members) to join Endymion to allow the police not to be spread out in 2 areas for 2 parade routes that day.
The response I posted was from the head of Iris, a old-line (slightly decrepit looking parade) that has Uptown ladies in pretty gloves dropping beads into their spoiled shiny children's hands along St. Charles Avenue, while their husbands stand on the porch of their mother's homes with a large drink (among their banking cronies) laughing at the enthusiastic folks on the neutral ground screaming for doubloons.
This response is a classic Uptown head-in-the-sand from our city's "elite" and cannot be allowed to go on without retort.