Saturday, December 30, 2006


we have made it thru another year, here in our beautiful fragrant, old city. Do you feel the healing of our city as we mark the days off the calendar? I hope you do; I have felt the energy and positive forces from all of you at different times throughout the year and I thank you for it.

To celebrate and bring in the New Year; a friend and I are spray chalking a labryinth for our friends and neighbors to walk in the New Year. The parking lot at 620 Hagan (next to the FEMA trailer with the prayer flags) will be the place for anyone to come on New Years Day and until the rain washes it away.
Mimosas will also be part of our offering of the day.

anytime after noon on New Years Day through dark- knock on the trailer door to say hello as well.
any day after that you need to; please use it as well.

What is a Labyrinth?
A labyrinth is an aid on a spiritual journey. It is used for comfort, prayer, meditation and reflection. Meditation is an art in which one quiets the mind, lives in the present, and is attentive to listening to one’s soul. As humans, we experience a dilemma about living in the present as we seem to focus on the past and look toward the future. We lose sight of the present. A labyrinth can us help with meditation in order to fully live in the moment.
Some people confuse a labyrinth with a maze which is meant to confuse as it is a puzzle with deceptive turns and dead ends. However, a labyrinth has one path leading to the center and back out. Its aim is not to confuse but to enlighten.

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