Thursday, January 11, 2007

letter sent to Nagin

As one of the working class, I will be hard at work while my fellow citizens march. However, please know that I am as angry about my friend's death- and as angry about the other deaths in my city- of people I have never met.

All of them are my fellow New Orleanians.
All of them deserve a better chance to live a long quality life.

We need efforts to change the system that has existed for too long here; a better education system, more meaningful jobs, less cruelty and indifference from our police force.

You do not act for me when you stop innocent people in checkpoints, or have our police force follow African American young men in their cars to pull them over at will. You will not catch killers in your checkpoints, and you know that.

You know what has to be done. Work round the clock on new strategies for bringing health care to our city, reduce the broken street lights and piles of trash that allow our youth to believe no one cares about their neighborhood.

It's time for you to get to work.

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