Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who said yes?

Please take a few minutes to call and E-mail both Ed Blakely and Shelley Midura regarding their meeting with developers who choose not to meet with and work with neighborhood organizations and residents. According to yesterday's paper, Victory Real Estate Investments has been promised financial incentives from Blakey's office (and help with Go-Zone monies) for a project that the neighborhood residents have not seen. T.P Article: T-P article

The vast majority of residents are not in favor of a massive suburban style shopping complex in the heart of our city as first proposed by Victory. Blakely should not decide what will be built in our neighborhood. It is the loyal residents who love our neighborhood who should decide. There is a plan developed by mid-city residences (UNOP/Lambert) for a retail presence in Mid-City. That plan should be followed.

Please let them know how you feel about the nefarious meetings and the lack of public disclosure.

Ed Blakely: 658-8400
Shelley Midura: 658-1010

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