Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I start preparing, even as every fiber of my body resists this idea. I am physically antsy and mentally calm at the same time. I walk in a circle for a minute every few hours, rechecking my list of things to do.
The calls are starting: are you going? where are you going? when?

I think again and again, What about our farmers, fishers? Mississippi?

I am lucky to have friends and family to go to with no question. I will make plans for Memphis TN first and wait it out there with other New Orleanians, dogs and lots of coffee.

I was planning on a extended trip to Ohio after Labor Day, so will go few days early and continue my trip, eerily like 3 years ago.
This time, I will hold my breath and hold hope.
This old city is tough.
I love it.

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