Sunday, September 28, 2008

Small is still Beautiful

Hope all is well with everyone. I am traveling for a while, on and off for work, and am glad to be home for a few days.

I have been thinking about the evolution of Small Is Beautiful study group, and hope to engage each of you via email about it over the next few weeks.

I am hoping to really get the discussions focused on learning from some examples from around the country, and really using our time together each month to learn details that we can apply to our region.
As much as I think we have all enjoyed our time together talking about the general ideas, I think we are ready to focus on models that we can hear details about.

We are hoping to add some students from planning and business schools, and also some visitors that can present models to us, and also to add locals who we all know and think might be interested in this group.

We also might engage with the Slow City group that meets monthly and discusses some of the same issues.

Do email me about your ideas and please feel free to incorporate ideas on the ning site:

I am hoping we can have a meeting on the second Tuesday in October (14) at our downtown site Fair Grinds. hoping 6 pm is the right time and date for all. I would like to use this time to talk about the land trust article from the missed August meeting, and to think about how we can make sure the meetings are useful to us, and that others can facilitate as well at times.
As for the readings:

check the site if you forgot:

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