Friday, October 17, 2008

The Financial Crisis: A View from the Left

What are the roots of the financial crisis?
Who does it benefit? Who does it hurt?
What lessons can we learn from social justice movements during prior crises in capitalism?

Presenter: Dan La Botz (see bio and articles below)
Where: Loyola University, Audobon I & II in the Danna Center
When: Sunday, October 19, 4 PM
Sponsors: Solidarity
Twomey Center for Peace through Justice
contact: 504.376.3246

Dan La Botz is a Cincinnati-based teacher, writer, and activist. He is the editor of Mexican Labor News & Analysis, and has written numerous books and articles on labor in the US, Mexico, and Indonesia. His articles on the economic crisis include: "The Financial Crisis, A View from the Left"
"The Economic Crisis, the American Working Class, and the Left: the Situation Today and the Situation in 1930"

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