Sunday, November 09, 2008

Next Small is Beautiful

The awareness of the political arena has become more real to most Americans over the last few weeks, and with the increase in voter rolls, we look forward to more voices taking their place in the arena of public discourse throughout the next 4 years-maybe a good place to start is the Small Is Beautiful group meeting?

And, if all is fine, we are ready for the next meeting to be held at Fair Grinds Coffeehouse (upstairs) Monday 11/24 at 5:45 pm. By the way, we are ready to find another Uptown location to go along with those already used, so shout one out if you know of a space that is locally controlled and ready for our free wheeling (evening) conversations...
We will ask that everyone has either read any of the essay(s) selected below, or is game to follow along with the discussion of it.
This essay backs up a bit, and discusses the history of EF Schumacher's ideas that evolved into the Small is Beautiful book and also the society in Massachusetts that works on those ends. I thought it might be useful to see the underpinnings of these ideas and discuss and their context....
read about the society, or the individuals, all quick reads:
about Society
Read or listen to Dr. Schumacher; any or all are useful, some are quick:

In the spirit of making the discussion more open and yet directed, we have asked an old hand at local coffeehouse discourse, Sociology Professor David Burley, now at Southeastern in Hammond, to facilitate the meeting, leading us to some general conclusion at the end, even if that conclusion is let's discuss more, or agree to disagree!

Please come to link with others interested in living economies, and also please forward to students, friends, activists that might enjoy the time.


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