Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ed of year update

hey all,

Don't forget to stop by Fair Grinds Coffeehouse on the morning of Christmas if you enjoy calm and free brewed coffee. I will be the unpaid help all morning, and will have a few treats on the table (as will other neighbors) for folks to nibble on.
As this is a non-familial invite, there are NO expectations as to your attendance or even RSVP need; just feel free to wander by in your PJs (that has happened often) and have a cup or a chat.

I am also sending the good news that the MidCity Hagan Avenue community is doing well, and you may notice some work on one lot; the pilings for the first house will be set before mid-January; concurrently my house design is coming along; in the meantime, I have found a pied-a-terre in the heart of the old city on Saint Ann right off Jackson Square; Maddie the dog and I walk along the river, chat with the morning and afternoon drunks, step into the street to sidestep tourists looking straight up at lace balconies and think to ourselves, "what a nice vacation!"

but, you will find me as often working on my lot, hanging with Musa and Veda in their little farm next to the (hopefully) soon-disappearing last FEMA trailer, working to find out what exactly is up with the old Mercy Hospital building, which rumor has, in in Sam's Club's sights.. Stay tuned...

so, slow down when in MidCity and look for me and say hello. If I say see you in the Quarter, you'll probably have to step in front of me and wave vigorously, as my old French Quarter walking style (head down, fast walk) has returned with a vengeance.
Hope all of you are well and that I see you soon.

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