Saturday, April 11, 2009

King Creole

Another gorgeous weekend in New Orleans; does anyone know how amazing the weather is here from around Mardi Gras to late Jazz Fest?
I biked to market, bought greens, carrots, strawberries (festival variety from Mendez family), olive bread from VooDough Bakery, HUGE broccoli from Perriloux family and had an iced CDM coffee from Welcome Booth. CCFM cookbook author Poppy Tooker swapped jokes and had a general lovefest with shoppers and her pal Dickie Brennan who came to sign his recipe page and hand out samples.
Off to Tales of the Cocktail film fest this afternoon. Great idea from the folks who bring us the best beverage event in the city: a mini film festival with food and drink. I am off to see my favorite Elvis movie at 4 pm, while chowing down at Zoe's at the W.

Next week is French Quarter Fest: all looks great, except for the question on any local music lover's mind:

Where's our (cultural mayor) Kermit?

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