Friday, August 14, 2009

Goodbye 3320 St. Peter

Tomorrow at noon, I sell my lot. I sell it to a couple that I like, that I think should be in our city, and in our neighborhood, so that is excellent news. I can add to my savings which is also excellent news. I help my neighbors get someone who can build right away so they have neighbors-also excellent news.
But it is a sad day nonetheless as I will not be owning the beautiful new green house I and architect Janna have been planning. I will not own a place so my friends and family can always find me and know they have a place too if they need it.
I was over there yesterday and looked at the place that my house would have faced, at the place I would have probably grown old looking at and said oh well...
It is less painful every time I go, so I think soon I can go and say hey great house and feel no pang. I hope so anyway.
Instead, I am on the move and unsure of where my future home is. I really hope it is close to these friends and this place, as I have always found it to be peaceful and engaging at the same time.
Yet, I am doing very well on Saint Ann right now and seem to be in much less turmoil without these decisions to make. I live easily, have engrossing work, have enjoyed my friends a great deal lately, and I am off to Australia for work next week and then will take a few days, a week to go see family and friends back in Cleveland. Bought a kayak recently and spend many mornings in the cool, quiet bayou enjoying it. Have time for my new bike and riding it in big loops down Royal. Lots of fun...
But when I return this fall, I do need to end the refugee status of 4 years. I need to find a home and stop moving, try to answer the "where do you live" question with one sentence.
Had an email this week from a friend who is almost at decision phase about selling the house she had owned and lived in before the storm and has not gone back to yet; instead moving around, not deciding. Her anguish and some embarrassment at her indecision is understood by me. But I know she had to do what she could, what kept her out of trouble and I think she did fine.
I think I did too and I'm proud of my care of me.

So for now, I'll just own that.

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