Friday, October 09, 2009

What now?

So, another box and some hanging clothes and I am done with moving. Well besides the interesting unpacking from someone who has boxes from the vestiges of her wet post-K apartment. And a few packed last year after 2.4 years in FEMA trailer...
Opening boxes, and looking at things I had forgotten, like the 5 years of NOLA BookFair posters-GK Darby even sent me one in 2006 so I would have it. Or the poster from the Knitters show on August 23, 2005. Very nice.
I am not at home yet over here on Fortin. I still feel like a visitor, and will I know until I unpack the last box and hang the stuff on the wall. haven't actually stayed here yet, as no bed or sheets and pillows are here. Not til tomorrow.
Maddie the cartoon dog is across the lake while I get things organized. Never saw a more worried dog, so best to let her run and have fun there while I curse and walk back and forth 3-5 times searching for the hammer. She sweats every frown. Just her way.
But, I am already enjoying the village atmosphere here. I have had more pleasant conversations with new neighbors already than I had in the Quarter- but really, no way to compare. It occurred to me that to live in the Quarter is to isolate yourself. To have a gate and a long courtyard or high balcony limits the drop-bys. More than that, the residents of the Quarter want quiet at home- plenty of places to go out for noise and drama, so when they are home, they are the quietest group you never see.
Fortin is quiet too, but people smile and wave when I am on the porch and the horses on the track look happy too.
I will be getting my bed from family house across the lake, along with the table and chairs that will be slightly too big. Once those are in, I think I will breathe a sigh of relief and start living the first home life since August 27, 2005.
Wish me luck. And wave if you drive by.

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