Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trying to experience

I cannot believe my topsy turvy reality this weekend.

Good: I had a good lunch on Saturday with a friend.
Bad: I had an average lunch today.

Good: Had some fun chats with people on Facebook.
Bad: Had an annoying chat with someone on Facebook.
Good: Facebook allows you to hide peoples updates when they annoy you.
Bad: She will show up on walls of friends that we share.

Good: got free tickets to VooDoo Experience
Bad: had 2 parking tickets on car and scooter in front of my house today because of VE. (Had not had enforcement of residential parking over here-but a stupid mistake on my part on a festival weekend which makes it much worse. 80 bucks down the drain. Well, maybe 60:
Good: Found 20 bucks at VooDoo Experience yesterday
Bad: Wasted my time at Ve today. Nothing that interesting to see or hear. Muddy and okay list of acts.
Good: Ran into 2 interesting conversationalists
Bad: Friend was assaulted recently outside of her home and told me the story while she quite courteously served people . She's basically okay but more shaken than she wants to admit.

So, when I closed the door tonight, I felt mad, happy, sad and tired. And decided that the weekend did not add up to good. But then I realized it didn't add up to bad either. Just averaged out, like VooDoo Experience itself.

More things to take in proper perspective...

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