Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tennessee and Flea

Festival season is here. New Orleans is at its best in this early spring months, most locals believe. Weather is glorious and blue skies seem pretty rather than brutal as they do later in summer. At least 2-6 things scheduled around town outside these weeks.

Markets abound, festivals too. Went to one of each this weekend:

Tennessee Williams Literary Festival: happens every March, full of writers, publishers, readers and theatergoers. I go every year and and am glad to go, even if I do cringe at some of the self-important groups that crowd around the mint julep table.
I learn more at this festival about writing and New Orleans every year and think we should do more as a city to celebrate the amount of writing we produce, much of it pretty good.

Elysian Flea Market: Some of our best people sell at this and I will personally do my best to will this market to succeed as a weekly event (as they are hoping to do).
I vote for just Saturdays every week though...
I bought 6 sea-green Fire King saucers, 2 paperbacks, 1 original photo of the rooftops of the French Quarter and a rum drink.


margaret coble, aka mags. said...

yeah, i think doing it only on saturdays would be better too. i vended on saturday but there were only about 18 vendors total and foot traffic was very slow. was it any better on sunday?

darnola said...

Don't know as I was not at Saturday, but it was sort of slow.