Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey world, New Orleans here.

Hello world,
It's New Orleans calling. How've you been? We...were doing better recently, now, maybe not.
So let me catch you up.
2010 seemed like a good year. Good Mardi Gras, incredible Saints year and even the snow and floods of winter 2009/2010 were manageable. Because we felt better around here.
We were feeling the love from the city again and with old Nagin getting gone, we were hopeful.

Then right before Jazz Fest this happened. Ironic, as it is now sponsored by Shell. No, not New Orleans; the festival. The oil came gushing and it still comes. Day 34 today.
I can tell you that we knew something was up right away. Unlike the rest of America, and the media and the government, we figured those folks down there weren't telling us the truth.
No, we're not clairvoyant, just battle tested let's say.
We knew because we see how the government handled their shit after levees broke and people were left to die with school buses sitting empty. And then 5 more years of it. Governments not knowing how to tell the truth and corporations sitting around waiting for the least cost answer to show up. Still going on by the way.

So now, April 20,2010 is another date we are destined to remember. Interestingly, now we have a bunch of new people living here who thought they were moving to a place that bad things HAD happened to; we feel a little guilty that we didn't tell them-lightning does strike twice in one place.

By the way, that oil down there? hey- it's not just for US. it's for YOU TOO. It's for all of us that ask them to stick the needle in our veins that are responsible. We just have to live with the daily aftermath of the loss of our bioregion. A bioregion that we respect. I can prove that by asking you to look at a Google Map of our coast-unlike most of the rest of the US, you will see refuges and wild places along Louisiana. Fishing boats and camps to live in it, among it. Not on top of it.

sorry- I'm getting a bit angry. deep breath.

Listen, we take responsibility; we do. We just aren't going to take it all.
and when you ask when are WE going to get mad, realize that we have been mad for a long time. But, we're just a small part of this. YOU need to get mad too.

So, we're not doing so well. We just wanted to let you know that and one other thing:

We want you to help this time. Change your intake of oil, especially gasoline. Write to your representatives and ask them to save what they can. Tell them to fine BP in the millions to allow any idea to be tested-I don't give a shit which Hollywood actor comes up with it, let's fucking try it-And stop telling us "you are thinking about us down here" and realize this is happening to all of us.

Talk again soon. Let us know what you're doing, wouldja?

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