Sunday, May 02, 2010


Local girl makes good:
Susan Cowsill's new album "Lighthouse" is a homage to her city, her family and her feelings about dealing with change and decisions that are thrust upon one willy-nilly, while searching for peace and a place to call home.

Top tracks:
The title track "Lighthouse" has a lovely tone and a tempo almost unheard anymore in pop music. Other standouts: "Sweet Bitter End", "ONOLA" (although its almost too much to bear so sweet and sad).
My favorite is probably "Could This Be Home" which I suspect I will return to again and again like I did to "Snow" (from the Continental Drifters last album) to hear her vocals during those dark months after Katrina.
When she is singing poignantly, there is no one better. Do yourself a favor-pick this up, and then also grab the Continental Drifters "Better Day" cd.

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