Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another city heard from

Any love of cities that I have and lavish on my New Orleans, I began in the smoky, man-made, raw Cleveland of my youth. Well from a vantage point west of it, in green Lakewood. My family has no major connection any longer to the city and did not in my lifetime. However, my sister and nephew live and have always lived in Lakewood, and are both proudly Cleveland punk/rock-n-roll/oh yeah? personified if you know what I mean.

Green City, Blue Lake is a site I often visit for inspiration. Now I have another reason, this blog writer, Richey Piiparinen. This post in particular spoke to me as a suburban girl whose family moved down the 71 corridor, until they were unknown and invisible to their own past. To be Polish and from Cleveland sometime back then and yet to have no reason to fight for it is a common story I know but it my truly my family's saga as well.
If we had stayed in one place, might we still know one another? I'd say yes....


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