Thursday, February 10, 2011


Boy I am so glad I moved back to New Orleans for the heat. Especially on days that top out at 41...
But as I was riding my scooter to lunch (at La Boucherie where the original Ninja was. Had a great meal. Get to it.) I passed many other riders of 2 wheels, human propelled and motor. Nodded (of course) at all of them. No one looked especially miserable either...
Later that day, as I was walking my dog (Maddie the Cartoon Dog), I noticed a car checking out houses on my street so I stopped to watch them to see what they were up to.. Turned out to be a delivery of food, which I realized (as Maddie danced and tugged at the leash in celebration of the cold air) that it was unusual to see delivery of food here. Folks usually go out or cook when in.
There are definitely cold weather traditions in many cities where cold is a normal occurrence, things like pizza coming to your door, or blocking off front doors for the winter to keep drafts out or putting plastic over windows for same reason. (When I went to the big box retailer to get some of that plastic, I found exactly 4 boxes with dust all over them hanging on the end of the paint aisle. Not a big seller.)
With this cold weather we are all having, I enjoy watching which cold weather tendencies people use here. Most of the ones I name above do not make the list but here are some that do:
People wearing Ug Boots. I'm one, as my mother got me a pair like 5 years ago and I thought at the time WTF? not anymore.
Hats are worn and they don't have JazzFest buttons on them.
Heaters going in cars full blast when you get in. The A/C is probably thankful it finally got a break.
Hot tea replacing iced at lunch.
Sharing recipes for hot toddies. My friend V and I usually start the trend...
Layers of clothes. People look 5 pounds heavier here. After Mardi Gras they really will be but that's another matter.
Less outdoor exercise. Joggers are as scarce as working streetlights.
Dogs wearing clothes.
and my favorite:
lunch which is normally 1.5 hours has become 3 hours long.

So, we adapt and we make the best of a tough situation. But of course, it will be 60 by Sunday and Carnival is just about upon us.
We'll live.

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