Monday, February 28, 2011

Innovative new people (like C. Chang) welcome

I first noticed this person's work with her design of the NYC Street Vendor Project which showed how, where and what one could set up on the streets. Have it on my cubicle wall as a matter of fact..
Then, I picked up some of her writable "I wish this was....." stickers and used them. See the pilot bike rack that Fair Grinds Coffeehouse has in front and you will see my addition.
Around the same time, I also heard about her Sexy Trees of the Marigny calendar from Deb at Marigny Green and have one of THOSE on my cubicle wall as well.
So, you could say I am a fan. I appreciate anyone who wants to add clarity or appreciation for those of us that want to use and communicate about the city they live in. I read on her site that she recently moved to our city and so we are benefiting from her ongoing work. Lucky us I say.

As you can imagine, when I biked by this latest installation, i liked it immediately. I said to my friend Annie, I bet Candy Chang has something to do with this. She read the certificate and said, yep.

So once again, she adds value to the conversation. Someday, maybe I'll even talk with her.

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