Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It ain't over

The latest from Cree McCree, market maven, nutria designer and flea market queen:

The Great Blue Nile Costume Bust ain't over yet, kids! A sheriff showed up at my door this morning with a summons to appear in Municipal Court on May 3 as a witness at the trial of Blue Nile bartender Oliver "Ollie" Stevenson, who was just doing his job when the bust occurred. He's being charged with "selling clothes w/o a license" (he was only selling drinks) and with "not having a manager on the premises" (manager Jesse Paige was just steps away outside being issued his own summons.) This is totally bogus. Ollie shouldn't have to be a fall guy, and Jesse and I shouldn't have to go to court smack dab in the middle of Jazz Fest (Blue Nile's busiest week).Please help spread the word!!!

Here is the link to the original post I had on the subject:

blog piece

send email to your City Council or call the Mayor of Culture:

city council emails

Office of the Mayor

Phone: (504) 658-4900

Let me know if you hear anything.


darnola said...

here is what I wrote to Council:
This email pertains to the ongoing issues that remain from the shutdown of the Mardi Gras costume market by the NOPD right before Mardi Gras; the same market that had been operating for 20 years by licensed costumers...
Many of us heard today that the bartender at the Blue Nile-who was simply there doing his job- is still being taken to court over "selling clothes without a license." Why is this the type of stick-to-it-iveness that our city exhibits, rather than unsnarling the bureaucracy of permits?

Can anyone help solve this?

darnola said...

We have heard that this has been completely dropped. The Councilperson Kristin Palmer, emailed me quickly and said she would handle it. It seems she has.