Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bookstores are thriving. yes thriving.

Gosh I hope my friends remember when I spot a trend before it happens.
When Borders (an old employer of mine) opened its Uptown store after Katrina, I told them it would not make it. The location was wrong, the business plan at Borders was wrong, and the local stores were well run and confident of their customer service ability, as they should have been.
That the industry would evolve to online sales for best sellers and eBooks, thereby taking the chain stores' business away from them, leaving niche markets and tactile events and special customer service for the local stores.

It's okay if they don't remember: a new store for browsing around the corner from my house is my reward. That, along with my friends at Octavia Books remaining successful and available for advice and service on my non-fiction orders.

satisfied sigh.

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James said...

Preach it, sister!