Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fair trade for sale

Dear Friends, Customers and Supporters;

I am writing you with some news which I felt you deserved to hear from me.

For almost ten years my wife and I have owned and operated Fair Grinds Coffeehouse. The experience has been a unique one and certainly memorable for us filled with a lot of special and wonderful moments. I especially cherish the friendships we have made during those years and am proud of the role you helped us play in the community.

Lately, however my resolve to sustain the business against financial and operational challenges has faltered. My energy levels are not sufficient for the recent requirements of a small business. We are still suffering from issues originating with Katrina, and face new problems from the present economy. It has become obvious to us that the time has come to let another owner try their hand at a business in that location.

I can never thank those enough who have helped us survive for so long. Generous support from my customers has been sincerely appreciated and is the source of my greatest regret that this decision has caused.

Ideally Fair Grinds could continue under new ownership with new energy and reorganized business strategies. We are selling both the building and the business and have engaged our friend Mark Herman (504 495-0474) as our realtor. It is hoped persons interested it purchase details would contact him.

Of course, operations will precede as normal until such time as there is a buyer and hopefully after that. I will try to keep all informed of changes as they may occur.

Thank you one and all, once again.

Robert and Elizabeth Thompson
Fair Grinds Coffeehouse

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