Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old Canals and rivers await

Restoring and harmonizing the natural features within a city is a worthwhile endeavor and Richard Register and Kirstin Miller of Eco City Builders have been doing that for many years.

The chance for explorers and activists to examine and reclaim pieces of the city is a necessary first step of the Eco City process. The story below shows how this trip can begin the reclamation the Los Angeles River and its surroundings. Nearly 300 people will have a chance to experience one of the few stretches of the waterway that actually looks like a river during a six week pilot program sponsored by the LA Conservation Corps. Here in New Orleans, we could do the same with removing the landfill over the turn of the Old Basin Canal at the intersection of Lafitte and Jeff Davis which would also allow migratory bird habitats to flourish.

Kayaking in lA

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