Sunday, October 09, 2011

Rising From Ruins

Even though I'm in this documentary, I have not watched it. Actually, maybe that's why. I watched some of it today, and noticed a lot of subtext I was glad to see. I think I'll ask people to see this when they ask me to explain New Orleans post Katrina. However, its a bit long on anecdotal stories and short on overall analysis, but still really useful and amazing to see the city only a few years after the devastation.
Some things I thought while I was watching:
Pres Kabacoff trying to explain his flawed Walmart project is priceless.
Blakely seems like he is totally over his head and loopy (on his bike with his group without helmets by the way.)
Sad to see the Viet Village farm project.
The farmers markets look great if I say so myself...Poppy looks crazy in that hat though...
Naomi Klein was pretty good.
Freakin Nagin and his "mother of all storms" b.s. about Hurricane Gustav comes across exactly as he is.
Sadly, many of those projects have not been finished.
Hardware store people are always grumpy.


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