Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Orleans Lyceum

Lyceum Announcements

Friday, January 27th, 7:30. Parker Church. 1130 Nashville
Spirituality in Film – something completely different – a scientology science fiction film!
Battlefield Earth
Battlefield Earth Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 (2000) PG-13
In the year 2000, an alien race known as the Psychlos devastated Earth and turned it into a wasteland. In the year 3000, the aliens -- led by the horrific Terl (John Travolta) -- still hold the surviving human population hostage and have forced Earthlings into slavery. But when human Johnny Goodboy Tyler (Barry Pepper) discovers the aliens' major weakness and leads the final fight for Earth's survival, the parasitic Psychlos are in for a shock.
This film is supposed to have all kinds of Scientology messages in it; lets see if we can find them.
Philosophy Café
New Orleans Lyceum Philo Café for Saturday, January 28, 2012 at Fairgrinds Coffeehouse, 3133 Ponce de Leon, 10:30 to 12:00.  Attachment and Authenticity.  Can authentic attachment be distinguished from inauthentic attachment?  Was Laura Wingfield's attachment to her glass menagerie authentic? A case study: Daily NK - Harsh Punishments for Poor Mourning
Elements of Human Authenticity, by B.G. Yacobi « Philosophy to go
Saturday January 28th, 3:00. The Corner Muse Café 1381 Magazine st.
A New Creativity Group!   Open Studio – playing with creativity together.
We are taking a break from the Muses (we have 4 more to do) and we will resume these at some point.. We have decided to create a space for creativity at the Corner Muse Cafe 1381 Magazine on January 28th at 3:00. This is time to share in our creative projects together. Bring your materials and lets do art and creative projects together - really accessing the muses which we have evoked. Kids are welcome because they are our inspiration for pure imagination! This is to be called an Open Studio and we will work on various creative projects together from 3:00 to 5:00 in this wonderful environment that Vanessa creates for us.
Monday, January 31st, 7:30. 1412 Euterpe St
Hegel Reading Group
This is the beginning of a challenging group reading of Hegel’s Science of Logic. We will struggle together with this difficult text which is absolutely worth it. Don’t confuse this with the Encyclopedia logic which was written in 1830. The Science of Logic was written in 1812, 1813 and 1816 and begins with the chapter entitled “Being.” The work is available on line and used, so google it. 
Thursday, February 2nd, 12:30.
Thursday, February 2, 12:30-1:45
Loyola University Campus - The Octavia Room
On 2nd floor of the Danna Center (Loyola's student center)
How do we choose whom and what to believe?
How do gender, class, ethnicity affect this?
Bring a brown bag lunch and join us! Coffee and tea will be provided.
Participants will come from Angola, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico,
Nicaragua, Panama, Poland, Spain, the United States, Turkey, and Vietnam.
DIRECTIONS: The Danna Center (Loyola's student center) is in the center of
the Loyola University campus. Enter the Danna Center from the front (the
side nearest to St. Charles Avenue, or the river side of the building),
ascend the stairs to the second floor, take the first hall to your left,
and you will see the Octavia Room on your right.
Thursday, February 2nd, 7:30. 1412 Euterpe St
Existentialism in the Healing Professions
We will be finishing Paul Tillich’s Courage to Be
We will shift to Gestalt Therapy for our next meeting (March 1st) and will be reading and discussing:
Gestalt Therapy Integrated: Contours of Theory & Practice
by Erving Polster, Miriam Polster
IF you want to learn about Gestalt Therapy and the human potential movement come join our group.
Friday, February 3rd, 7:30. 1412 Euterpe St.  Philocafe
The Trickster. Can truths be taught through lies and deceptions? Does the ends justify the means in spiritual growth. What should be the constraints on gurus and shamans who might deceive in order to enlighten. We’ll look at the mad wisdom of people like Gurdieff and Don Juan in the Carlos Castaneda books.

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