Saturday, October 20, 2007

At the crossroads, make a choice.

Election Day. Why is the mass of plastic yard signs the main way our politicians run for office? It seems to have become the fast food version of communication, and so I guess that figures for the fast food nation.

Many people have asked me about my choices for today; I am actually loathe to explain that I have decided since 2006 to not participate in electoral politics any longer, and instead be involved in direct action, cooperative work and one on one activism. It sounds easy, but I am someone who has voted in every election since 1982 (when I turned 18) and one that has done much volunteer work on behalf of issue-oriented candidates throughout the country since, even going to Florida in 2004 at my own expense to knock on doors and discuss the way the presidential candidates stood on issues that were important to me, and I hope to the folks I met.
But, after watching the destruction of my region by federal troops (ARMY corps of engineers) and the determination by the national leaders to play politics with my home, I considered the change to peaceful anarchist.
When it became clear that was what my whole life had actually been leading to, it was easy to do it, but, yes, much harder to talk about. I know it sounds easy, and I have friends that I can tell think I am just copping out. They see one way to change; find those who agree somewhat with your stance, and get them some power, and hope they stay uncorrupted.
I say, Henry Kissinger was right-well, one time:
"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

So, on this election day, I do applaud all of my friends who have chosen the voting booth as an important way to record their voice. I hope they can also support my decision to be having the small conversations and actions that keep my choices known to the group.


James said...

Shall I make you a t-shirt that says, "Don't vote - It just encourages them" ??? ;)

I voted, but it's an exercise in futility, really. Don't know why I bothered. The walk up to the polling booths with my wife was nice at least.

darnola said...

Does it encourage them, or are they just the type of people who enjoy having the limelight without having to actually create or build something of their own?
Who are the elected officials of the 20/21 century?