Wednesday, August 13, 2008

enter here.

This is a picture of a labyrinth that my friend Hilairie and I (and Dan, who came to say hello to me and got work!) did last year on New Year's Day. We invited folks to walk it, come to my trailer after and get a mimosa as well.
We had many, many friends come, gingerly step on the entrance and walk. Some did it slowly, some fast but all gave it a shot. I (silently) cheered them all on from my trailer doorway and added the moments walking myself to my cache.

A few days later, our friend Helen Hill was murdered in her home, in front of Poppy and Paul (son and husband) and I walked that labyrinth daily for a while, thinking of Helen and the brutality that was in contrast to her actual being.

I feel the need to spray chalk some more paths for my fellow citizens; I am hoping some of you want to lend a hand in different parts of town using this cool spray chalk to enter in and work through the muddle in our minds and lives.

If not, just give a beep or a bell ring when you go by and see me bent with a can in some weed-filled, glass strewn parking lot and know I am doing my best to even the odds of achieving peace in our tough little city.

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