Monday, August 11, 2008

info about levees across U.S.

As a public service, we have just introduced

Now anyone can find out with one click if they live near an at-risk levee just by going to this website and typing in their zip code.

Note that the Corps' list includes only river levees and that in Louisiana all river levees have been deemed safe by the Corps (unbelievable!-Dar). Also, please see this note from Mark Schleifstein with the Times Picayune:

"There were no Louisiana federal levees in violation, ie river levees. Hurricane levees were exempted from this first list because faults were known and plans were underway for their repair, IPET was still underway and they aren't complete. However, they are under the same inspection requirements, and are being inspected -- along with all the other levees in the state -- under the oversight of the state Department of Transportation and Development/CPRA."

Sandy Rosenthal
Founder and National Spokesperson Levees.Org

spread the "word" (Dar)

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