Monday, April 20, 2009

From Fair Grinds Coffeehouse....

You may have already received info about this in our newsletter, but I think this group deserves a special notice to people sharing a concern for matters environmental. This discussion group has not been given a fair chance at a start, yet has so much potential.

My recent garbage war and recycling nightmare is just one story in the naked city of environmental crisis. We need this kind of discussion group to think new ways to accomplish waste management responsibly in this economy.

Though few have yet attended, we have had some great discussion from innovative persons already.

I know Jazz Fest craziness is on us, and this is short notice, but I think this is too important a discussion not to have. Join us please:

Tuesday April 21, 6:30pm-7:30pm LESS WASTE, MORE LIFE DISCUSSION GROUP- This Simple Circle Discussion Group is a time to share and discuss your ideas and concerns regarding waste, landfills, methods to reduce, reuse & recycle, the pros & cons of recycling, when to purge or downsize, and local reuse/recycling resources. For more information, please contact Karen Kempf, The Green Project's Environmental Education Coordinator, at or 504-945-0240.

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