Monday, May 04, 2009

Jane and JazzFest

In between searching for tickets to weekend to the Fairgrounds (thanks to my 3 friends who came through- you know who you are, and I bet you would rather not tell the world you sometimes have tickets at the last minute), I also led a Jane's Walk.
Jane Jacobs, writer, everyday activist and the symbol of regional thinking, would have celebrated her birthday this week. Since her passing in 2006(?), her friends, colleagues and peers have thought of many ways to continue her work. One of the most Jane-like is the Jane's Walk, which asks neighbors to lead a simple walk in their own words and with as many eyes and talents sharing the stage while ambling as possible. No experts, no official work to do, just post a walk and then wait to see who shows up.

We in New Orleans had 10 (our first year of joining in this) and they ran the gamut of our social streetscapes. A short simple video shows photos of many of them:

Janes' Walk

To find out more about the people who brought this to our city (and the work going on all over) visit:

The New Orleans Institute for Resilience and Innovation

And always remember (as I do on May 4) to remember fallen citizens who were gunned down walking out to their public space to protest unjust actions:
Kent State May 4

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