Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stolen car story

Renee telling Larry and me this story

Renee Allie, photographer and entrepreneur told me a wild story during our shared yard sale last week:

When she was running the Green Project (back in the days before she moved it to Press and it was still on D'Hemmecourt) her car was stolen from the parking lot. She had forgotten and left her keys dangling from her trunk!
Called the police and they said sure, they'll look for it.
A day later a friend calls her from work and says, "hey I just saw your car go by!" She comes to work, SHE sees the car go by. Her and her friend get in another car and drive after them, calling the police while doing that. "Excuse me, but my car was stolen and now I'm driving behind it. Can you come?"
Cops come, her car stops at a stop light and "kids just spill out and start running every which way" Renee laughingly recounts.
The cops run after the kids and her car is just sitting in the street with the keys in the ignition. She says when one of the cops comes back, "Should I just take my car?"
Cop says, "yeah, just take it. We'll call you."
She never hears from them.

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