Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bloomberg gives Mitch millions

Not in his role as mayor of the largest American city but as billionaire, the CEO of Bloomberg Inc.has announced that 5 U.S. mayors will receive around 3 million dollars each from Bloomberg Philanthropies to form teams outside of city government to tackle issues within. Mitch was one of the winners.

Since our mayor's project was not listed in the article, let's hope Mitch chooses police reform or public transportation as his issue and gets brave on it.

Mayors Project

Ah finally a story that clarifies what Mitch is planning. Sounds like a weak plan to me. "Customer service" at City Hall? "Reducing serious crime"? Important, no doubt but how is studying these 2 issues going to help?

Why not choose 2 less complicated ideas to get something changed before tackling the 2 biggest issues of any city?

Bayou Buzz

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