Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tried and Tru Burger

Had a nice lunch today with Octavia Bookstore owner Judith Lafitte. Went to thriving Oak Street and tried new place run by my friend Chef Aaron Burgau (of Restaurant Patois fame.)

Stopped at the general store (10 Dollar) before going in and got some necessaries. I am please by the proliferation of these stores; seems to me they offer everything one needs in general goods by selling overstock and are taking up where Woolworth's left off. Funny how some people are fighting these; is there something I don't know about them?

Back to Tru Burger:

Excellent food, great service. renovation was done well, the gray is soothing and suits the metallic design of the place. I will say that the many new places all seem masculine in design; one or two new places that are a bit warmer in look would also be nice but I'll try not complaining.

I had the hot dog (well 2) with grilled onions, jalapenos and relish. Excellent. Bun was chewy and delicious.

Judith had the veggie burger and we both had peanut butter milkshakes.
All simply well done.

as usual, the chefs in town all support each other; while we were there, Susan Spicer came in and ate a jalapeno-laden hamburger too.

Get up to Oak Street, there really is something there for everyone.

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