Sunday, December 04, 2011

Charity Hospital reminder

Roberta Brandes Gratz, writer, critic and regional supporter has written many articles clarifying the battle for New Orleans between citizens and bureaucrats. This article on Charity Hospital was written in the spring for The Nation and should be spread widely, as the destruction of lower MidCity continues in defiance of what the citizens want-the reopening of the existing Charity Hospital on Tulane Ave.
Instead of reopening the solid street level structure, a money making scheme for developers (as Gratz points out about the new development) as "the design of the complex calls for closing all the streets, erasing the street grid and minimizing pedestrian access, all adding up to a fortress-like campus. Only about one-third of the new LSU site is needed for the hospital complex; the rest is for six city blocks of suburban-style surface parking, temporary green space and future speculative development by LSU, which will compete with existing commercial space in the core, much of which is already vacant."

We're not done yet folks. Let's remind ourselves and our officials that we still need a hospital and the one that already exists will do just fine.

The Nation

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