Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An online thread about trains and noise in the Marigny...

-Hello Neighbors! I am so tired of my 4 am wake up calls by that damn train! Does anyone know how to get a petition started or the process of taking this to the neighborhood association or city council so we can get a) them to stop blowing that damn ear shattering horn early in the morning or b) to have them put up rail crossing arms at all the intersections so they wont have to blow the horn. This is the only city that I have seen with urban rail tracks that have no rail crossing arms. It's mind blowing and good sleep ruining....

-where were these tracks when you moved in to the neighborhood?

-They were right where there are now. I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or helpful. I am going to remain positive and believe that you are trying to be helpful.

-total sarcasm. you could move to kenner and complain about the planes. or the quarters and grouse about tourist puke. i love the sounds and smells of this neighborhood, and appreciate the 18 wheelers pulling away from the river, the trains full of grain, the roasters and bakers. this hub of world commerce since the 1700's welcomes new neighbors, but reminds you, politely, it really is an industrial zone first.

-If you can figure out how to coordinate the federal government, international railway treaties, a state highway and the city of New Orleans that would be fantastic. The trains bring huge business to the Port of New Orleans and it's quite the battle. I have to cross the tracks twice a day to get to and from work and I've decided to make my piece with them. Sometimes I have to wait, sometimes things are loud and then it's over. Otoh, I do live with someone that can't stand to wait for the crossings. I'd rather have increased funds for the parks, police and roads that wouldn't eat cars & bikes.

-just because something is the way that it is, doesn't mean that you cant make it better. Where I am from, Omaha, we have the headquarters of UP. Miles of train tracks running through the city, Amtrack included, through backyards, behind public schools and downtown. All of the train crossings are marked and yes, the bells do clang. It's still much more peaceful than various intervals of obnoxious train horns sounding waking people up everyday at four am or earlier. Anyone who has driven or walked by when there are trains can see that they are there or approaching. It' dosent take a loud ear splitting horn to make their presence known. Sometimes I think its done on purpose as, and I have counted the seconds, they ring that damn thing for 30 seconds consecutively. I live near Dauphine and Press. Commerce is great, but it dosen't mean we cant make industry accountable for pollution, noise included. As for the issue of when there were rail crossings and them malfunctioning, why not hold the money makers accountable who control the tracks for timely fixing of the problem, and like us citizens who don't comply with the law, affix fines so maybe they can realize that there business isn't the only business conducted in the Marigny/Bywater area.

-It's part of the city you actually would miss it

-Still you get to live in the Marigny !

--aha! omaha!

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