Monday, September 09, 2013

Rising Tide 8 Tickets, New Orleans

The blogger conference held annually since Hurricane Katrina will be held this coming weekend at Xavier. The Rising Tide Conference is an annual gathering for everyone who loves New Orleans and is working to bring a better future to all its residents. Leveraging the power of bloggers and new media, the conference is a launch pad for organization and action. Our day-long program of speakers and presentations is tailored to inform, entertain, enrage and inspire. We come together to dispel myths, promote facts, highlight progress and regress, discuss ideas, and promote sound policies at all levels. We aim to be a "real life" demonstration of internet activism. Exciting programming announcements are updated regularly, so please check the Schedule page of our website for specific information about this year's program. This year we are excited to have Retired LT. General Russel L. Honore as our Keynote speaker.

Rising Tide 8 Tickets, New Orleans - 

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