Monday, February 10, 2014

"Using power of his office as leverage"

Twitter feed from former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin's corruption trial which went to the jury at mid day today:

some highlights from the trial from Ch 4 reporters:

Nagin blamed Katrina so much that at one point he blamed K for something in '05, before storm.

Nagin lied when he said he was a passive investor in Stone Age Granite. He was the front man. He was the business development guy.

"Nagin did not serve the public with honesty...he served himself."

$511,200 total payoffs to Ray Nagin

Filing false tax returns.Years 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

"Nagin wants to swap City concessions for Stone age business"

Fradella email shows how he used Nagin to bolster his biz deals: "Ray turned (other developers) down and I delivered."

Fradella testified Nagin wanted $100k but assoc. McGrath cld only do $50k, payment hidden thru McGrath's child's trust.

Ex. 16: email Nagin to Fradella with secret Blackberry pin number.

Pickens: "This isn't an investment. Who invests in an empty bank acct?" re: Williams $60k payment.

Prosecutor Pickens: "Every time a contractor needed something critical from Ray Nagin, he seized the moment to get something in return."

Nagin's attorney in closing:

"Most people don't read the Times-Picayune." and "Lee (Zurik) is my friend. He stutters a lot but that's ok.

"If I am taking a bribe, I don't care where it comes from"

"It doesn't make sense: I'm going to give this guy Millions & I'm just getting $50k? it doesn't make sense.

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