Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rebuilding one tree (chair) at a time

These pictures of the City Hall Annex on Canal and the unfinished Magazine Street repairs outline what is so bad and yet so great about the city I live in. Again, it points to "lagalou".
The City Hall Annex was shuttered before the troubles and has only gotten worse as there is little call for a large broken building blocks from any hubbub (as it were). But still there is something beautiful about the natural city itself-the trees, the greenery, taking back over where humans have been unable to restablish their dominance. Beautiful.
Confession: I actually like the building as it is. It illuminates city hall's position in our city at this point I think.
Interestingly, after taking the pictures I watched a short documentary on the Mayan Empire. How strange to watch a story about a once powerful society walking away from its buildings and homes and that society just melding back into the jungle again.

The Magazine Street "pedestrian bypass" is almost comic when you see how people use it in it's (what 3 years or more?) project history. Work goes on-sort of-but the chairs are a reminder of how people also take over useless infrastructure and use it for their community needs. Love the idea of the 2 sides coming together at dusk.

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